Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Bodybugg Counts Those Extra Calories

It's impossible to watch what you eat during the holiday season when you constantly have food tempting you at every turn. The worst part is some of us really want to stay slim until the New Year's Eve party and possibly beyond, so how do we prevent any holiday weight gain?

There are plenty of gadgets to help you manage your weight, but the Bodybugg armband caught my eye because bloggers keep talking about, and gyms are now pushing it to customers. According to the site, this tiny device about the size of an MP3 player is supposed to be worn all day on your right arm to track calories you burn and give you an idea of the amount of calories you should consume. It's also been featured on NBC's "The Biggest Loser" as a tool the contestants use to manage their calorie consumption.

Reviews have been mixed, and from what I've read there are some things I'm not thrilled about. For one, the device is too expensive and requires a monthly subscription to an online program. It only runs on Windows, and the worst part is you have to input the type of food you eat every day so that it can track your calorie intake. That would probably be the hardest part for me, since I'm usually pressed for time.

Source: Yahoo

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