Wednesday, December 19, 2007

LightGlove, Gaming, Control Your Devices Without A Remote

Imagine sitting on your sofa and turning on the TV without a remote. Next you open the onscreen menu to select either checking email, watching the news or playing a DVD.

Using a small wireless device worn on the underside of your wrist, you merely extend your finger into a beam of light to push a "light button" to control your electronics.

This versatile new platform is how we will interact with our electronics in the technology convergence. This wireless intuitive device allows operation from
the comfort of your ideal location and hand position.

Because your whole body will be comfortable, it will reduce the risks of Carpal Tunnel. In addition, it can assist those with limited access and provide a sterile interface for medical professionals and staff.

With Bluetooth 2.0 technology, your computer and Lightglove on your wrist like a watch, your experience becomes virtual. Nothing in your hand and buttons made of light. Way cool.

Combine your gaming, remote control & mouse functions into one elegant and cool device.


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