Monday, December 3, 2007

The Weigh Down Workshop: Having Faith and Losing Weight

Over one million people have applied the principles of Weight Down Workshop faith based weight loss program (via book, etc.) and have experienced major life changes, including weight loss, and freedom from substance abuse, smoking, overspending, eating disorders, sexual addictions, and various other strongholds.

The Weigh Down Workshop was established over 15 years ago. It has been held in over 30,000 locations all over the world. It was originally considered one of the largest faith-based seminars in the world at one point in time. After holding the position for approximately a decade, many faith-based programs were spawned from many different denominations. However, Weigh Down continues to be unique. From what we have gathered, most of the newer programs have still been based on changing the content of the food. Weigh Down has always been based on the principle that diets have CAUSED or exacerbated overeating in this country. It has given people false hopes, and then failed them - making most people feel like failures. What is beautiful about Weigh Down is that it teaches people to depend on and to turn back to their Creator for help. We all need hope, and we all need help. Another source of help has been encouraging people to turn to the Word of God and to Godly fellowship. There is a growing army of permanently thin people who are helping others to let go of the magnetic pull of food. Weigh Down is a ministry and scholarships many people, and we pray that we are making a real impact on the plague of overweight/obesity in this country. Some of the latest positive statistics have been on children through the youth oriented program called The Last Exodus. It's amazing how much faster children will conquer this urge to eat when their body is not calling for it. The most recent video series entitled EXODUS out of Egypt: The Change Series is producing unprecedented results.

Another unique thing to know is that the founder has been thin since she started these principles in 1986. There truly is a mindset where people have no desire to overeat anymore. We are convinced that Weigh Down has more permanent weight loss testimonies than any other weight loss program on the face of the earth. And these people would all be willing to come forth.

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