Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Connect Your iPod Anywhere with the Belkin FM Transmitter

Many of us have Apple iPods and a new product from Belkin will let you connect portable music players to car and home stereo’s.

The Belkin TuneCast Mobile FM Transmitter uses its own FM frequency and you can connect any FM stereo receiver to that frequency, although I have not used this device I do know about the trouble I have had with FM signals around home wireless networks…lets hope this same device does not have these problems.

You just plug the Belkin TuneCast Transmitter into the headphone jack of your cassette player, CD, MP3, PDA, iPod or laptop and PC. Once you have tuned the receiver or car stereo to the clearest FM frequency, you can then enjoy digital music with full sound and convenience.

Source: Product-Reviews

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