Thursday, December 6, 2007

Gorilla Blocks, Fun, Educational for Toddlers

Gorilla Blocks are large, new building blocks for highly curious and creative toddlers. Made for tiny hands and provide stimulation and logic development, Gorilla Blocks toys are large in size, but light in weight. Bright in color, durable, non-toxic, weatherproof and simple to use. Gorilla Blocks are the perfect introductory building blocks for young kids.

Gorilla Blocks huge colorful building blocks provide a world of gigantic fun as toddlers experience the fascination of building them up and knocking them down. With the interlock feature, toddlers not only begin to develop their logical sense of judgment, but giggle uncontrollably as mommy and daddy excitedly cheer them on as they connect each big piece. Vibrantly colored orange, blue, lime green and multi-colored blocks in all different sizes, shapes and themes will keep toddlers enthusiastically entertained for hours by building a variety of imaginative creations! With the nifty weatherproof factor, Gorilla Blocks building blocks can double the fun by allowing toddlers to play in the house, outside in the backyard, at the beach, or all year-round on family vacations. Because Gorilla Blocks toys are so durable and mindfully non-toxic, toddlers are completely safe to play alone or with their playmates, bumping into or throwing them at one another – to even gnawing on them as they go through the teething age without ever getting hurt. Physical exercise, coupled with mental exhilaration make Gorilla Blocks classic interactive building blocks for toddlers.



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