Friday, December 14, 2007

Monster in Law, Funny, Romantic Comedy

Monster-in-Law is a 2005 romantic comedy film, directed by Robert Luketic. It marks a return to cinema for Jane Fonda; her first film in 15 years. The screenplay is written by Anya Kochoff. The original music score is composed by David Newman and Rosey.

Charlie Cantilini (played by Jennifer Lopez) is a dogwalker from Venice Beach, California, who meets surgeon Kevin Fields (played by Michael Vartan). Kevin asks her out, and Charlie believes that she's finally found the right man.

Things start to go wrong when Kevin introduces Charlie to his mother, Viola Fields (played by Jane Fonda). Viola has recently been replaced as a newscaster for someone younger, and is in a meltdown. Loathing Charlie from the outset, and fearing that she'll lose her son the same way she lost her career, she decides to destroy her son's relationship. At first, she tries to annoy Charlie by repeatedly calling her. After this doesn't work, Viola moves in with them, much to the horror of Charlie. With her trusted assistant, Ruby (played by Wanda Sykes) who is secretly working against her, she tries everything possible to drive Charlie away but she does not succeed because Charlie decides to fight back - until Kevin and Charlie's wedding day. Viola turns up wearing a white dress instead of the dress specially made for her by Charlie. Then Viola's own dreadful mother-in-law, Gertrude (Elaine Stritch), appears and they have an argument. Gertrude's resentment of Viola bears a strong resemblance Viola's feelings toward Charlie. Charlie decides to back down as she witnesses Gertrude and Viola's relationship. "Nothing's going to change." she laments to Viola after Gertrude leaves the room, "In thirty years that will be us." Charlie exits to tell Kevin that the wedding is off and Ruby enters and talks with Viola. Viola is miffed that Charlie compared her to Gertrude; Ruby points out that Viola is actually worse than Gertrude. Ruby points out that Viola's efforts against Charlie, to make Kevin happy, are unwarranted. "Whatever made you think he wasn't [happy]?" is her final point. Viola has an epiphany and realizes that she wants Charlie to stay, and they reconcile. Charlie and Kevin then get married and when Charlie throws her flowers Viola catches them. The movie ends with Ruby imitating Viola's dreadful laugh.

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