Monday, December 3, 2007

Return To Fat Camp On MTV

Being fat stinks for everyone, especially teens.

For overweight teenagers trying to “fit in” can seem almost impossible—from getting teased at school to participating in sports, many of these kids find it hard just to feel ‘normal’.

They dream of losing weight, looking good and becoming popular and at “Fat Camp” that’s exactly what happens even if they don’t lose a pound!

Through first person encounters, MTV’s News and Docs presents “Return to Fat Camp” on Saturday, December 1st @ 12pm ET/PT and explores the lives of five young people who are battling their weight while having the time of their lives and finally fitting in at a weight loss camp where to them becomes a safe environment.

Viewers can follow the campers’ progress by checking out before and after photos on

The Think Community at will help viewers cope with issues featured in this episode by providing resources on obesity and healthy self image. Viewers will also be able to comment on the show and the issues on

In “Return to Fat Camp,” MTV spends another summer at Camp Pocono Trails with no-nonsense Camp Director Tony Sparber.

Five new campers are hoping to change their lives by shedding pounds, making friends and building self confidence before returning to another challenging year of school.

Viewers will meet Logan, a 14 year old from North Carolina, who is burdened with the knowledge that her family is sacrificing financially to send her to fat camp; Adisa, a 14 year old returning to camp for a second summer with a goal of losing thirty pounds; Dan, a 15 year old who has never been away from his family before; Sam, an attractive averaged size girl who sees herself as overweight and Justin, a 400 pound teenager who knows his weight is more than an image problem and knows he has to do something about it before it’s too late.

In this documentary, viewers will see that while at camp the kids discover a world that is completely new to them – most are finally able to feel comfortable in their own skin, no matter what size they are. Shy, introverted teens that have never had friends are suddenly the life of the party.

In a place where everyone is overweight, they feel accepted and confident. But surprisingly, fat camp can also be a place where the hunted become hunters…Here overweight, ostracized teens turn the tables by picking on their plus-sized peers. is a dynamic, multimedia-driven Community and enables youth to easily learn more about the issues that matter to them most, share their opinions – via uploaded online videos, podcasts and blogs – and connect with others to make a difference.

The site is one of the only to reward members for positive actions taken online or off, serving up chances to hang out with socially conscious celebs, access to exclusive MTV events, exposure on MTV and other national media outlets, as well as grants, scholarships and more.


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