Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Xeko, A Fun and Environmentally Aware Game

Xeko is very simple yet interesting. You place a hotspot that is a card with the region you are playing in (in my case madagascar) and then you start playing species on the table in a way you create an environment were species live. This is made by following easy rules.

I have to confess that I hate collectives mainly because I love them. Yes I know it sounds weird but I hate to be force to buy every new expansion a game has yet this game is definitely something worth trying. The gameplay reminded me the feeling of playing magic the gathering somehow. There is a cool strategic factor (and I only have one starter), and the artwork and materials are top notch.

I love to have a game that is finally made of recycled paper, even the booster's wrapping is made of recycled material and they encourage on their website the collectors to send the wrapping materials so they recycle them again giving points to access to online goodies.

This is a truly environmental friendly game that teaches about the species on several ecosystems that might face extinction, and they even donate money to those hotspots in order to save those animals.

It is a pity this game is so hard to find for somebody outside USA. I would love to have extra cards to play with so if you know of somebody willing to sell the unused give me a geekcall :D

I give it a 10 of 10 because this game is so much more than a game. I do not think is a game for kids only but be sure it will improve his/her knowledge of the world certainly encouraging him/her to learn more.


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