Saturday, December 15, 2007

Demented Uncooked Cards

An easy way to vent a little frustration without actually going off the rails is to buy a demented greeting card or two from a company called Uncooked. There are Valentines that threaten homicide and thank you cards that inform the recipient he has been taken off the grateful sender’s “kill list.” (Don’t ask me why the cards involving murder seem to appeal to me most.) Uncooked is probably topping the Google charts right now because of people looking for their holiday cards. One features a yellow snowman and the hopeful thought: “Maybe all that yellow snow is just snow drenched in butter.” Another shows a steaming mug and states, “We hope your holidays are sweet and merry and you don’t burn your tongue on a cup of hot cocoa and then choke to death on your burnt off tongue skin.”

You can buy Uncooked’s cards at their Web site,, or at select stores. (I found three retailers that carry them in Toronto.) Your friends and loved ones will, at the very least, be awfully surprised.

Source: NationalPost

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