Sunday, December 23, 2007

Can Help?

That's the question may of us singles have, can a dating site like help find the man or women of our dreams?

Well, personally I believe it can. Why?

First, the number of available singles that may fit the criteria you have is much higher online than those you'll meet in your area. Let's face it, how many people can you meet in person during your normal daily routine? Even if you went out socially every day (which is probably not the case) you still wouldn't meet more than a handful.

And the key here is singles that you know already meet your criteria of what you're looking for. Using an online dating service like will allow you to pre-screen those you'd like to meet and perhaps get to know better. You can't do this in person on the scale you can online.

And especially with, they do a good job of only accepting singles into their service that meet their standards, which compared to most every other online dating site is a huge advantage to using their service.
helped me by providing a guide to popular online dating services, and allowed me to try out the services that made the most sense for my situation.

For me, I prefer online dating.

Good luck on your search!

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