Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Notebook Movie, A Love Story Not To Be Missed

Based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks, this love story stars James Garner and Gena Rowlands. Garner begins to read to Gena from a notebook containing a love story of two teenagers.

The Notebook starts in a nursing home with Duke reading to an older woman, whose memory is slipping from her more and more everyday. Duke reads the story of two lovers who meet in the south at a carnival. Allie was 17. A city girl from money, and Noah was a country boy. The two spend the whole summer together but Allie is forced to move and go to college although she was willing to give it up for Noah. Noah writes Allie 365 letters and she never gets them. So he restores the house him and Allie went to one night out of 'labor of love'. Seven years pass and Allie meets and falls in love with a wealthy soldier Lon. When seeing Noah's picture in the paper, Allie is drawn back to him. They spent a few days together and she doesn't want to leave. Allie has to chose between her fiancé and Noah.

Source: IMDB

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